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These treatments lavish lips with healing hydration, cell-renewing Miracle Broth™ and TLC in every swipe.
Delicate skin demands deep conditioning. Give your lips the careful care they deserve.
CA $105
The Lip Volumizer
From CA $120 / 5 Shades
The Lip Balm
CA $110
Why do I need a good lip care routine?

Delicate and sensitive, lips have more touch receptors than other parts of our bodies –  deserving of extra special attention. Plus, our lips lack the same oil glands as the rest of our skin, making them prone to dryness and irritation, and harsh weather conditions only make things worse. Lip care is essential to every skincare regimen – which is why you need to go beyond a simple lip balm and establish a complete lip care routine that will nourish your delicate skin and achieve its plumpest potential.

Since lips lack sebaceous glands that condition the skin, they are prone to becoming rough and dry. A good lip care routine will help moisturize lips. Regular exfoliation, followed by a lip treatment and lip balm, infuse skin with nourishing ingredients, and an overnight lip treatment application can expedite the transformation of dry lips. By establishing a preventative lip care routine, you can enjoy soft lips year-round.

What are the benefits of lip balm?

Regular use of a lip balm in your lip care routine will hydrate lips, providing essential moisture. If you’re wondering how to soothe dry lips, a hydrating lip balm will come to the rescue of lips in need of TLC. La Mer’s luxury lip balm is infused with healing hydration that strengthens the natural moisture barrier for soft lips year-round.

What are the benefits of an exfoliating lip scrub?

Exfoliation is an important first step in recovering the softness of your lips. By removing dead skin from lips, the exfoliator prepares your lips to absorb hydration-boosting treatments. An exfoliating lip scrub – sometimes called a lip polish – will gently refine dry lips and uneven texture, revealing smoother, supple-looking lips. 

How to exfoliate lips is simple: Gently apply a moisturizing lip treatment and ultra-nourishing luxury lip scrub like La Mer’s The Lip Polish. This exfoliator’s resurfacing power creates an ideal canvas for additional treatments such as lip balm or lip volumizer or prepares the surface for a veil of vibrant lip color.

How can I achieve plump, glossy lips?

Even healthy-looking, hydrated lips sometimes need a little pick-me-up. To achieve the appearance of fuller lips , special lip treatments like lip plumping gloss (sometimes called lip volumizer) coat lips in potent ingredients that help lead to a full, voluminous and healthy look. Our favorite plumping lip treatment? La Mer’s The Lip Volumizer, a serum-strength gloss infused with Miracle Broth™, The Plumping Renewal Complex™ and Lime Tea Concentrate™ to  soften, smooth and plump lips with hydration and a high-shine finish. Also, by drinking optimal amounts of water throughout the day and nourishing with lip balm, your odds of experiencing dry lips will decrease and healthy lips will be all the easier to achieve.

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